This FAQ was answered by Erin Blair, our CEO and Founder.

What motivated you to start ELB?

“During my cancer diagnosis and journey, it became immediately evident that I needed help; financial support and emotional support.”

Who do you help?

“We help cancer patients who have an economic hardship. Often, cancer patients do not have the financial stability to live comfortably.

By financially assisting them, it eases one of the burdens that comes with this long journey.

Who is invloved?

“Every aspect of the organization is handled by family and friends.

We are a close Love Bug community with one common goal. We are a unit that joins together to help those who may not have this type of support system in their lives.”

How do you define progress or success?

“We are successful each time we help another person or family in need. Our goal is to ease the burden and give support like a family would.”

What is your goal?

“Our goal is to help more people as much as we can. We hope to receive enough donations to help multiple families at once.

We hope to build more relationships with cancer patients, their families, and friends to build a Love Bug community that helps as many people as possible.”

How do you help people?

“Our beneficiaries are given a personal check to ease their financial burden while they are fighting a tough battle.”